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What's new?

* Cobian Reflector 2.x is now considered to be stable (2022-12-22)

  • The 2.x version is now considered to be stable
  • A couple of optimizations done, especially in the compression and the remote client.
  • From now on the releases will not come out as often as until this point.
  • Happy holidays!

* Cobian Reflector 2.0 (BETA) is out
This is a BETA version so bugs are still expected. It will upgrade your lists and history database so you won't be able to downgrade afterwards. What's new:

  • Support for 7zip as a compression method
  • Splitting of compressed archives is now supported for 7zip
  • The engine can now act as a remote server
  • A remote client has been added for remote control
  • The engine has been completely re-designed
  • Some optimization has been done when working with file attributes
  • The shutdown and restart function has been completely re-designed
  • Better support for working with sftp servers using certificates
  • Better FTP support with many servers
  • Better support for monolithic archives
  • The position of the UI can now be corrected from a menu in the tray icon
  • As an option, shutdown can be commanded from the confirmation dialog
  • This is a BETA version so bugs are still expected
  • The history database will be upgraded if you are updating from 1.x so you cannot downgrade afterwards
  • Translators should be aware that there are now THREE files to translate

* Started working on Cobian Reflector 2.0.
I will be redisigning the program to fix some bad decitions I took in the first version. This will allows:

  • Better compression logic
  • A remote client option
  • The current ftp support of Reflector is not very satisfactory due to limitations in the FTP libraries that I'm using. I will try to substitute them with a better library.
  • Support for 7zip
  • Support for splitting archives
  • Better handling for monolithic compression that was added as a patch into the first version
  • Support for some cloud sources and destinations

Some of these features would take years to implement by myself, but there are some commercial libraries on the market that could be purchased to be used with the program. There are other expenses like the program's certificate that must be renewed, the web hosting, etc that are recurrent.

So if you'd like to contribute to the project, please consider making a small donation to the project.

* Cobian Reflector 1.0 now is out. Planning the next big version.
See the whole history here!

* Cobian Reflector Beta. Bug fixes and new features
See the whole history here!

* Cobian Reflector (0.9.000 BETA) is out (2021-09-21)
The successor of the old reliable Cobian Backup is now out and available from this same site. This is a BETA version and some bugs are still expected. Please, report them using the support forum.
Read about the new features HERE.

* Website update (2019-01-22)
The old site that had a lot of obsolete content is now gone.

* Website update (2013-08-30)
The source code of Cobian Backup is sold. The new owner is James Sweeney. I retain the rights to distribute and maintain the program up to version 11 (Gravity) 

* Cobian Backup Gravity 11.2 is out (2012-05-14)
Version is out. The main feature of this release consists in the possibility of executing command line expressions

* Cobian Backup Gravity 11.0 is out (2012-04-24)
The newest version of Cobian Backup is now out. Cobian Backup 11, gravity can be downloaded from here. take a look at the tutorials available at the same page . For technical questions, please use the support forum.