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Cobian Reflector

Version 0.9.80 BETA (2022-01-26)

  • Fixed a bug while copying a file's NTFS permision
  • The after-backups operations (copy timestamps, attributes and permissions) have been optimized
  • Fixed a bug with certain combinations of after-backup operations
  • Dutch language updated

Version 0.9.79 BETA (2022-01-25)

  • Added new date filters: Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow as "Special dates" (see the help file) under Task-Filters
  • Better date filter comparation. The time part of the last modified timestamp is now ignored to compare just the date part
  • The next backup of a task is now shown in the history tool bar
  • Galician language updated
  • Russian language updated
  • Portuguese-PT language updated
  • French language updated
  • Czech language updated

Version 0.9.78 BETA (2022-01-22)

  • A problem with date-based filters has been fixed
  • Better log formatting
  • Number of processed files is now shown
  • Spanish language updated
  • Swedish language updated
  • Russian language updated
  • Czech language updated
  • French language updated

Version 0.9.77 BETA (2022-01-20)

  • The "Win32 Application not valid" error that was found in some systems has been fixed.
  • When the backup was taking more than 24 hours, the elapsed time in the log was wrong. Fixed.
  • Better encapsulation for communication protocol
  • The user interface shows the rendering tier being used in the log tab
  • Portuguese-BR updated
  • German language updated
  • Galician language updated
  • Portuguese-PT language updated
  • Czech language updated
  • Dutch language updated
  • French language updated
  • Russian language updated

Version 0.9.75 BETA (2022-01-08)

  • The first backup of a task is now UNPARKED as default.
  • "Log individual operations" label has been changed to "Debug mode"
  • A menu option has been added to restore all default Options
  • A menu option has been added to restore the last saved task
  • Crc check is now possible for uncompressed operations
  • Dutch language restored
  • Galician language updated
  • Italian language updated

Version 0.9.72 BETA (2022-01-01)

  • When uploading individually compressed files, the resulting archives were empty. Fixed

Version 0.9.71 BETA (2021-12-30)

  • Manipulating, loading and saving long lists goes now MUCH faster
  • The total progress was sometimes showing a number larger than 100% in the tray icon tooltip
  • Russian language updated
  • French language updated
  • Portuguese-PT engine updated
  • Czech language updated

Version 0.9.70 BETA (2021-12-28)

  • The compression engine has been fully rewritten. Attention to this, if you are using compression. Test it.
  • Compressed files can now store long file paths
  • Compressed files can now fully use Volume Shadow Copies
  • Group names are now case insensitive. Group = gRoUp
  • Fixed a bug when starting a group as an event caused by the case of the group
  • Russian language updated
  • French language updated
  • Czech language updated

Version 0.9.65 BETA (2021-12-22)

  • When mailing the log files using the message body, the text used in the settings is now inserted at the beginning of the message
  • Sometimes the total progress of a backup was showing a number > 100% (rightfully so, if a task was added to the queue while a backup was already being processed). Fixed.
  • The groups name are now presented in "camel case"
  • There was a problem with groups case when the list was filtered by a group. Fixed.
  • The "Cancel" button is now always available on the setup program
  • With very fast backups (< 1 minute), the "Next time backup" was been set wrongly, which caused 2 consecutive backups of the same task to start some times. Fixed
  • Monolithic compression was not working when, for example *.zip was indicated in the exclusion list. Fixed
  • Czech language added
  • Portuguese-br language updated
  • Portuguese-pt language updated
  • German language updated
  • French language updated
  • Galician language updated
  • Russian language updated

Version 0.9.62 BETA (2021-12-12)

  • Search added to the help file
  • The timer was not working correctly if the minimum time was later than the max time. Fixed
  • When protecting the user interface, opening the UI twice used to show several instances of the password dialog
  • When changing to a full backup the string "Changing the backup type to full. Reason: backup number {0} after the latest full backup" was showing the placeholder {0}. Fixed
  • Monthly schedule was not working correctly. Fixed.
  • The confirmation for manual backups is now optional
  • The option to shut down the computer on the confirmation dialog for manual backups is now optional
  • Fixed an exception caused by an installation directory surrounded by quotes.
  • Polish language added
  • Russian language updated
  • French language updated
  • Portuguese-PT language updated

Version 0.9.60 BETA (2021-12-03)

  • The list is not recalculated if there is no need on the user interface
  • System information dialog added
  • Missed backups are now checked once an hour
  • Dutch language deleted because of bad translation. Sorry for that
  • Portuguese-br language updated
  • Galician language updated
  • Portuguese-pt language updated
  • Russian language updated
  • French language updated

Version 0.9.56 BETA (2021-11-25)

  • The "Watch mirror size" field was not saving its value for large values. Fixed
  • A bug fixed when Auto-features didn't worked on some ftp servers
  • Masks can now (for real) be added as comma separated groups
  • Dutch language added
  • Portuguese-BR language added
  • Russian language updated

Version 0.9.55 BETA (2021-11-23)

  • When using ordinary days of the week (first, second, third, etc), the program was falling in an infinite loop. Fixed.
  • In some occasions, when impersonating a task, setting the permissions of the shutdown flag was crashing the program. Fixed
  • When VSC was unchecked in the task and cancel if VSC fails was checked, the task was being aborted. Fixed.
  • A new option was added to mail the log files if errors are found in the LATEST log file only
  • A video tutorial will be added to the web site, courtesy of Daniel Gauthier
  • German language updated
  • Portuguese-PT language updated
  • Galician language updated
  • French language updated
  • Russian language updated

Version 0.9.50 BETA (2021-11-16)

  • Much more responsive user interface while backing up
  • Individual log files operations will now only be registred on the log FILE, not on the UI. This in order to speed up the backup
  • The last line of the task that indicates the elapsed time shows now the task name as well.
  • Backup events can now be parametrized
  • Manual shutdown can now be commanded when starting a backup manually
  • Manual shutdown can now be commanded by using the Action menu
  • When using inclusion lists, the log version was incorrectly set to Verbose. Fixed
  • The seput accepts now paths between quotes
  • "Show hiden files" is not a part for FTP standard. Giving problems with FilZilla server. Its default is now False.
  • A new option added: Always use alternative shutdown method. Can help to shutdown in case of impersonation.
  • Several masks separated by commas can now be entered.
  • As an option, the full path can now be shown in the taskbar for backup operations
  • German language updated
  • Portuguese-PT language updated
  • French language updated
  • Russian language updated

Version 0.9.42 BETA (2021-11-05)

  • When using a password for the user interface, opening the UI will prompt you to enter the password.
  • The subject and body of the mail can now use the parameters %DEFAULTSUBJECT and %DEFAULTBODY.
  • The SMTP server value is now checked not to be empty when mailing
  • The Permissions tool has new a Close button.
  • The setup was not installing the service correctly when using a local non-system account. Fixed.
  • French language updated.
  • Russian language updated.
  • German language added.

Version 0.9.40 BETA (2021-11-02)

  • Fixed a bug when some files without extensions were failing to be compressed.
  • The zip engine respects now the temporary directory
  • Cache directory added
  • When a directory was ReadOnly and empty, it was not being deleted by the task
  • The size of the list's icons can now be changed from the main and/or popup menu
  • The margin between the items on the list has been decreased a little
  • The tasks can now toggle it's Enabled status by using the main and/or the popup menu
  • Much faster communication between the UI and the engine
  • A manual source or destination can be preceded of ?D? or ?F? to force the manual item to be interpreted as a directory or a file (even a not existing one)
  • French language updated
  • Russian language updated

Version 0.9.38 BETA (2021-10-30)

  • Some changes to the FTP and SFTP logic in order to fix some weird problems the initial directory on some servers
  • Parameter %USERPROFILE added
  • The Application and Service Control panel was starting the application in elevated mode. Fixed
  • A new option has been added: Never delete empty directories for full backups
  • French language updated
  • Russian language updated
  • Portuguese-PT language updated
  • Galician language updated

Version 0.9.36 BETA (2021-10-26)

  • When a task is running, hovering on the tray icon displays now the name of the task and the progress.
  • The blinking tab respects now the Attention color
  • When copying a root directory, the Hidden attribute is not copied, so the destination is now visible
  • Adding filters and events used to make the task window grow. Fixed.
  • Ignoring empty directories was only ignoring the latest empty folder. Fixed.

Version 0.9.35 BETA (2021-10-24)

  • Help file updated.
  • The remote tester respects now the Advanced graphic settings
  • Changing the date time formats shows now an example of the result
  • Russian language updated
  • Galician language added
  • Some cosmetic changes applied
  • The UI was not marking the right current task under some circumstances. Fixed
  • Use fixed day now also available for Weekly tasks
  • Three new themes added
  • The custom colors dialog has now been completely rewritten
  • Global system hot key to open the user interface added
  • Italian language updated

Version 0.9.31 BETA (2021-10-21)

  • More robust inclusions/exclusions (RegEx)
  • Do not separate timestamp from file name option added
  • Better check when the user enters an alternative date/time in the options
  • Some strings added (attention translators)

Version 0.9.30 BETA (2021-10-21)

  • If the source was not found, the monolith was compressing the base directory. Fixed.
  • Russian language added
  • Portuguese-PT language updated
  • Smtp can now be tested from the Options. There is no need to save the settings
  • SFTP settings can now be tested
  • FTP settings can now be tested
  • Deleting empty directories is now logged as Verbose
  • Better logging for unexpected crashes.

Version 0.9.23 BETA (2021-10-19)

  • Monolithic compression uses now VSC. This is an experimental feature at the moment and could be rolled back in the future.
  • The exclusion of pure folders was not working as expected (and probably causing a crash or two). Fixed.

Version 0.9.22 BETA (2021-10-19)

  • The log has a new formatting with empty lines for easy reading
  • The log shows now the number of errors and the time elapsed for every task
  • When mailing the log after a task is completed, the parameter %TASKNAME was not working. Fixed
  • The events Suspend and Hibernate were not executing successfully if the "Prevent sleeping" options was checked. Fixed
  • Mailing after a task didn't include some info about VSC being deleted. Fixed

Version 0.9.21 BETA (2021-10-15)

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 0.9.20 where the user interface crashed when there where directory exclusion or inclusion filters
  • Impersonation name was listed twice on the task properties
  • The safe directory error is now a warning while there is no need to access this folder
  • Log spacer added, better log formatting to come on the next version

Version 0.9.20 BETA (2021-10-14)

  • Shadows settings are now respected on the History toolbar
  • Changing languages didn't affect the status bar. Fixed.
  • Consolas is now the default log font
  • Stoping the error animation on the Log tab stops now the animation on tray as well and viceversa
  • Fixed a bug in exclusion and inclusion masks when the directories where alike: c:\new folder\, c:\new folder and old\, for example
  • Better handling of exclusion FOLDERS, example: System Volume Information will not be accessed or created at all
  • The -autoclose command line option was not working. Fixed.
  • A parametrized manual destination that didn't exist was not being created. Fixed
  • Fixed some typos
  • Files that are locked by some other application can now be selected using the user interface
  • Better handling when the uninstaller is stopping and uninstalling the services
  • The local settings for every user are now deleted if needed when uninstalling (if permissions allow it)
  • Solved a problem where the FTP or SFTP engine was transfering files with the wrong size

Version 0.9.18 BETA (2021-10-12)

  • The UI was crashing when a Shutdown or Reboot event was added. Fixed.
  • FTP where sometimes showing the error "Ports must be in range [1024,65535]" when a task was imported from an old version. Fixed.
  • When selected a language, you can now know which translations are "official" (done by myself, and thus I know they are complete)
  • Better handling of uploads and downloads with relative initial paths (Ftp and Sftp)
  • Better handling for retries when an upload or download fails for Ftp and Sftp
  • Some typos fixed
  • Fixed a problem when the installer created start menu icons in Asian languages
  • Korean language added
  • Portuguese-PT lnguage updated

Version 0.9.15 BETA (2021-10-08)

  • A lot strings changed and added. Attention translators!
  • Monolithic compression much faster
  • If the positions files gets corrupted, the UI doesn't crashes silently now
  • FTP and SFTP transfer should go faster for small files
  • A bug fixed with impersonation
  • The "pipe is broken" error is not logged now. This is a normal behavior when the engine exists.
  • The "check CRC" method when creating archives had a problem when testing files. Fixed
  • When errors were found in monolithic archive operations, those where not added to the total error count. Fixed.
  • More robust function to copy file attributes and timestamps
  • Italian language updated

Version 0.9.10 BETA (2021-10-06)

  • A lot strings changed and added. Attention translators!
  • The log file flushes now when a task ends
  • When the user double-clicks on the header of the task list, the selected task is not opened
  • An option to show the value of the progress bar as a text has now been added
  • A new type of compression has been introduced: Global monolithic, to compress ALL sources into a monolithic archive
  • Compressed files where not deleted automatically. Fixed
  • Fixed the name of the ini file for colors and themes
  • Some typos fixed for the english language
  • Exact progress is now shown even with monolithic compression
  • The compression is now MUCH faster
  • Fixed the folder names in a monolithic archive in case where there are name conflicts for several folders
  • Global monolitic files can now be uploaded to an FTP or SFTP site
  • Italian language added
  • French language added

Version 0.9.08 BETA (2021-10-01)

  • Some cosmetical changes
  • Some strings were not being correctly traslated by the user interface (attention translators).

Version 0.9.07 BETA (2021-09-30)

  • F3 wouldn't trigger wordwrap. Fixed
  • Fixed a bug when the program crashed when calculating the date of the next backup if the date combination was an illegal date
  • Updated Portugal-PT translation
  • More exactly next backup times are now calculated
  • Some typos have been fixed

Version 0.9.06 BETA (2021-09-28)

  • Both inclusion and exclusion filters can now be used at the same time
  • Portuguese(PT) language added

Version 0.9.05 BETA (2021-09-27)

  • The colors of the user interface can now be customized
  • When a task is started, the name of the user executing the task is now logged
  • Fixed a bug when logging the file name of a monolithic zip
  • Fixed a bug with monolithic directories that have names that begin begin with a dot
  • Absolute paths can now be included even in monolithic archives
  • Some context menu items didn't translate. Fixed
  • Fixed a bug while uploading files with absolute paths
  • Fixed the real path of a monolithic archive when using absolute paths
  • Log files can now be mailed in the body of the message and not only as attachments
  • Some example of command line is now provided

Version 0.9.001 BETA (2021-09-22)

Fixed a problem when the context menu and the balloon were shown on the wrong place when the monitor's dpi > standard dpi = 96

Main features

Cobian Reflector is a file-based backup program, the successor of Cobian Backup. As a file-based backup program, it can be scheduled to copy your files or directories from a place in your computer to another. It can also copy the files to/from an ftp or sftp server or to any other computer in the network.

The program can be downloaded from HERE

A full list of the program's functionality:

  • Runs on Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Windows 10 or newer and Servers 2008 or newer
  • .NET runtime 4.6 or newer must be installed (4.6.2, 4.7, etc, but NOT 5.x).
  • Supports backups from or to an FTP or SFTP server
  • New redesigned interface with dpi-independency and vector graphics
  • 32-bits or 64-bits binaries in dependency of the host OS
  • Supports Volume Shadow Copy snapshots
  • Log file can be automatically mailed
  • Supports compression and encryption
  • Can be run both as an application or as a service
  • Multi-language support
  • Supports long paths. No 260 characters restriction
  • Completly free os charge. No ads, no compulsory registration, no subscription. Real freeware. Donations are gladly accepted.