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Cobian Reflector

Version 0.9.30 BETA (2021-10-21)

Version 0.9.23 BETA (2021-10-19)

Version 0.9.22 BETA (2021-10-19)

Version 0.9.21 BETA (2021-10-15)

Version 0.9.20 BETA (2021-10-14)

Version 0.9.18 BETA (2021-10-12)

Version 0.9.15 BETA (2021-10-08)

Version 0.9.10 BETA (2021-10-06)

Version 0.9.08 BETA (2021-10-01)

Version 0.9.07 BETA (2021-09-30)

Version 0.9.06 BETA (2021-09-28)

Version 0.9.05 BETA (2021-09-27)

Version 0.9.001 BETA (2021-09-22)

Fixed a problem when the context menu and the balloon were shown on the wrong place when the monitor's dpi > standard dpi = 96

Main features

Cobian Reflector is a file-based backup program, the successor of Cobian Backup. As a file-based backup program, it can be scheduled to copy your files or directories from a place in your computer to another. It can also copy the files to/from an ftp or sftp server or to any other computer in the network.

The program can be downloaded from HERE

A full list of the program's functionality:

  • Runs on Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Windows 10 or newer and Servers 2008 or newer
  • .NET runtime 4.6 or newer must be installed (4.6.2, 4.7, etc, but NOT 5.x).
  • Supports backups from or to an FTP or SFTP server
  • New redesigned interface with dpi-independency and vector graphics
  • 32-bits or 64-bits binaries in dependency of the host OS
  • Supports Volume Shadow Copy snapshots
  • Log file can be automatically mailed
  • Supports compression and encryption
  • Can be run both as an application or as a service
  • Multi-language support
  • Supports long paths. No 260 characters restriction
  • Completly free os charge. No ads, no compulsory registration, no subscription. Real freeware. Donations are gladly accepted.