Other software

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Cobian DDNS is a client that automatically updates a dynamic DNS name for ZoneEdit

Download Click here to get CobianDDNS.



CobView is a shell context menu extension used to quickly access the properties of the selected files. This is a replacement for the old QuickView utility, but much more powerful due to its plug-in architecture.

Download Click here to get CobView.


Cobian Herald

Cobian Herald is a mailing list program that takes an incoming letter and distributes it to all the members of the list. The program works as a service and can be run on Windows NT,2000,XP,2003,Vista or any other NT based system.

Download Click here to get Cobian Herald.


Cobian Amigo

Cobian Amigo is a client server application which can be used to store and manipulate your favorite sites, quick notes, contacts and to-do lists online.

Download Click here to get Cobian Amigo.