Obsolete programs

These are some of my old programs that I made just for fun. Feel free to download and use them. They are freeware, but I don't offer support to any of them. Click on a name to download the program.

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CobIcon 2.0

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CobIconCobicon is a program which shows all the embedded icons contained in an EXE or DLL file. You can browse the icons and save them into .ico files. This version can scan your hard drive and automatically extract ALL THE ICONS from ALL the EXE AND DLL files on your disk. An OLD version (1.0) without automatic extraction is also available here.



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CobItCobIT is a collection of internet utilities, organized and implemented into an easy to use interface. The program is fully multi-threaded and all the utilities can be used at the same time, independently of each other. The program contains several utilities: Ping, Trace route, DNS resolver, Whois, Finger, Quote , Echo and Time client. Favorite addresses and all settings all saved.


CobCats (HotCat and CoolCat)

HotCat(This program is now unavailable because of false positive Antivirus reports. I'm sick of explaining the situation)

HotCat is a server application used to send and receive information to/from a remote client (CoolCat) using the TCP/IP protocol.

The client can this way completely control the remote computer in which the server is installed.

Cool catHotCat and CoolCat can be compared with other similar applications as NetBus or Back Orifice, but have a more complete set of functions and is a serious administration tool, with many security functions.

Note: In the rare case if Hot Cat is running on Windows NT and the "Processes" tab is not working in CoolCat, you may need to download this DLL from Microsoft and install it on the server side.



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CobShieldCobShield is a service application which solves two main problems: It monitors any service running on Windows NT/2000/XP and starts it if it is found stopped. That way, you can automatically re-start some important service if it crashes. You can choose the services to monitor and protect from a user friendly interface. The other job CobShield does is to automatically restart the computer at some scheduled times.

The program creates a log file and has a mail alerter as an optional feature.

CobShield is a service itself, and that's why it only can work on NT/2000/XP.



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CobCaseCobCase is a program to process a text in many ways. You can choose to:

Or OnlY thE VowEls
Or UsE hAcKeR sTyLe
Or replace the s with the z, etc...

Some plug-ins:

Download CobMGE: Don't you just hate when you get a reply or a forward mail from someone that contains tons of ">" and you want to use this text somewhere, and you have to delete all the ">" ? This plugIn does that for you. It eliminates the ">" or other symbols.

Download CobSorter: Sorts a list in descending or ascending mode.


CobShell plus

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CobShellCobshell is an application that intents to help people with any kind of coordination disabilities , movement disabilities or visual problems (and maybe other kinds of problems) to handle with a computer. It can also be useful for children (4 years or less) .
The program provides an interface with 6 big buttons covering the WHOLE screen. You can cofigure each button to run one program. You can also customize each button with a bmp (picture) file and a wave (sound) file.



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CobPaintCobpaint is a VERY SIMPLE paint program which can be used to create bitmap pictures with the computer.

I made this program to be used in Special Education with persons with any kind of disabilities: persons who, for any reason cannot use "normal" programs like Paint or Paintbrush. It can also be used by small children.

Cobpaint has a very friendly interface with very big buttons, only a few tools (three pencils, two cans and five colors). The user doesn't need too write a file name or search in the directory tree to save a picture: the program saves the pictures automatically. The user can also preview the picture to open.



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CobJacksCobjacks is my own version of the popular Jacks or better game (poker machine).

It needs Cobcards.dll (which is included with the game) to run. Cobcards is my own 32-bits cards.dll with some special cards and procedures.

Cobjacks and Cobcards.dll are both FREEWARE. Do with them whatever you want.


Cobian Biorhythm

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Calculates the biorhythm for any date.



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A resource dll containing playing cards