Macro Beta is out

Cobian Macro is an application that can be used to send a pre-recorded text to the active program on your screen. It can also be used to start programs or open files using a key combination. More...


Cobian Backup Gravity (version 11.2) is out

Version is out. The main feature of this release consists in the possibility of executing command line expressions

Cobian Backup Gravity (version 11) is out

The newest version of Cobian Backup is now out. Cobian Backup 11, gravity can be downloaded from here. take a look at the tutorials from the menu to the left. For technical questions, please use the support forum.

Work on the website

The web site is being updated. There are plans to add a lot of tutorials and other support information.

Cobian Backup 11 (Gravity) First BETA version

 The first BETA version of Cobian Backup 11 (Gravity) will be out the 1rst of March 2012. Two new discussion forums have been created: one to discuss the new version, report bugs, etc, and the other one for the program's translators.

The discussion forum is located HERE.

Cobian Backup 11 (Gravity) Development begins

The development of the new version, code name Gravity has begun.

You can follow the development on Facebook:

Cobian Backup 10 (Boletus) Final version released

The first non-beta version of the 10th version of Cobian Backup is now released.

Please, feel free to download the program by clicking in the Cobian Backup link to the left.

Cobian Backup 10 (Boletus) BETA is now released

The first public Beta of the 10th version of Cobian Backup, is at last released. Please, feel free to download and test it by clicking in the Cobian Backup link to the left.

For comments and questions about this version, you are welcome to participate in the support forum. I don't answer technical questions by e-mail.

Cobian Backup 10 (Boletus) is now under development

The 10th version of Cobian Backup is now under development. An Alpha version will be released to some selected users in january 2010. A public Beta version will be released some time after.
The main news in this version are:
* Support for Volume Shadow Copy even in 64bit systems
* Absolute paths can now be created even with uncompressed backups
* The user interface doesn't ask for privilege elevation anymore on Vista or 7
* Simple masks can now be applied to FTP sources
* The timer schedule can now be limited in time
* The main application waits now for any mail to be send before closing
* The log file can now be send per task
* The log file level is now more granular
* The log file can now be splitted, one file per day
* The service and application control executes now depending on the UAC settings
* Fixed a bug when executing batch files with parameters
* The inclusion/exclusion masks way of work has been re-designed
* The backup now can be aborted if some event fails
* A post backup event can now be aborted if a pre-backup event failed
* Mirror tasks can now be created for uncompressed backups
* The type of the backup can now be included in the directory name
* The tray icon signalizes now if there are errors in the last backup
* Better mask support
* The speed of the backup has been increased about 200%
and much more....

Cobian Backup (Amanita) released

A new update for Cobian Backup Amanita has been released. You can download it from the program's page.

To see what has been updated, click here.

CobDDNS released

I have been using my own Dynamic DNS updater client for a while now to update the domain names and with ZoneEdit. It has been working fine for months and I think it's time for it to see the light.

The binaries and source code are now available from the "Other software" page.

New web-site ready

It was about time. The old site needed a good re-design, so I selected this minimalistic css based layout. I took one of the free templates available on the web, and modified it slightly.

I am now on the process of rewriting the address book. A new C# code is on it's way. I'll be using the ASP.NET 3.5 platform for the Address book.