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What is CobianDDNS?

CobianDDNSCobianDDNS is a client used to automatically update a Dynamic DNS, which is registered on ZoneEdit. There are no plans at this moment of supporting other DDNS services, but you never know...

The program runs as a Windows Service and supports dynamic update even behind a router. CobianDDNS is a .NET application, so you need the .NET 3.5 framework to be installed for the service to work. The program will work on Windows XP or better.

The program is freeware and provided even with source code.


Why do you need CobianDDNS?

If you own a domain name, but your internet provider doesn't give you a static IP address, chances are big that your IP address keeps changing periodically. Your provider's  DHCP server assigns you an IP number, which will expire after some time. Then, a new address will be assigned, which may be different than the previous one.

Services line ZoneEdit allow machines with IP addresses that change to have permanent addresses on the internet. You can buy a domain name anywhere, and then use ZoneEdit's dynamic DNS solution to point that domain name to your machine. What you need to do now is to inform ZoneEdit when your IP changes and update the address, so the domain name points to the new one.

CobianDDNS does this automatically for you. The service will periodically ask your computer (or your router) for its IP address. If the address has changed, it will connect to ZoneEdit's servers and update your domain (or domains). Any changes done will be logged or send to you by e-mail.



Run the setup program. This will install your service, but it will not start right away. Before you start the service, you need to configure it.

Configure the program with the configuration utility. Save your changes and restart the service.



* Server: The string used to update the domains. This should not be changed.

* User Name and password: the user name and password of your account with ZoneEdit

* Hosts: the hosts you want to update. If you own several hosts, just separate them by commas

* Log: creates an entry in the Event Viewer whenever some event happens (IP updated, errors, etc)

* Log errors only: Logs only the events that contain errors

* Interval: The time in seconds between 2 checking operations. The default value is 300 sec. Every 300 sec the program will check your IP, and if needed, the address of the domain names will be updated in ZoneEdit's server.

* Force update: Even if the IP has not been changed, update the IP address of your domain with ZoneEdit.

* Mail: If checked, all the events will be mailed to you as well.

* Mail if errors only: Only the events that contain errors will be mailed to you

* SMTP Server: The server used to send your email

* SMTP port: the port used by the SMTP server (default = 25)

* SMTP ID and Password - If you need to authenticate with the SMTP server, enter the id and password here

* Mailto: the email address of the recipient. Several addresses can be entered if you separate them with commas

* From (Name): the name that will appear in the From field of your letter

* From (address) the address that will appear in the From field of your letter

* URL used to detect your IP: the IP of your machine or router is detected by requesting a special page from ZoneEdit. Do NOT change this field

* Time out: Time out for all operations in seconds (default = 40)