Cobian Backup History


2012-12-06 Version

* Russian language updated
* Ucranian translation added
* German language added (at last!!!)
* Portuguese-BR files updated
* Czech help file updated


2012-07-31 Version

* When using ZIP compression, some files where ignored. Bug introduced in Fixed
* The status bar was showing accelerators in file names
* The post-backup events where always getting 0 as the number of errors in the task. Fixed
* When deleting old backups, the name of the files or directories to delete ara now logged
* When "Calculate source sizes" was checked, the task properties was showing "Calculating..." for ever. Fixed
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated
* Portugues-PT language updated
* Czech language updated


2012-06-29 Version

* When sending a test SMTP message, UTF encoding was not working in the body of the mail. Fixed.
* Keep alive is now selected as default for any new FTP connection
* Reset positions was not working file when the width of the left column was zero
* A change has been done in the way the zip engine reads the files to avoid problems with files with special temporary attributes
* If an exception occurred whencompressing or encrypting individually, a wrong message was being logged
* A bug was fixed when editing ASCII extensions for the FTP
* Italian language updated
* Chinese-traditional language updated
* Turkish language updated
* Czech language updated
* Czech help file updated


2012-06-01 Version

* Sorting the list by clicking on the list header was not working ok. Fixed
* When the list contained groups and you sorted the list, some taks would disappear. Fixed
* The program could hang when downloading or deleting files from some
FTP severs like Serv-U version 6. Should be OK now.
* Drag'and'drop for the list items is now allowed ONLY when the All tasks tab is selected,
to prevent chaos
* The speed of the tray icon animation has been slightly sped up
* Spanish language added
* French language updated
* Portugues-Brazil language updated
* Russian language updated
* Czech language updated
* Simplified chinese language updated
* Czech help file updated
* Polish language updated


2012-05-26 Version

* A new set of tray icon is now used by default. Thanks to Tag Solomon (tag824)!
* The old set of tray icons can be selected from Options-Visuals
* The default list of uncompressed extensions has been shortened
* Help file updated
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated
* French language updated
* Chinese- traditional language added
* Italian language updated

2012-05-23 Version

* Fixed a problem when storing the UI positions when the user name contains a dot
* When making a mirror, files with Readonly or System attribute were not being deleted
* Simplified chinese language added
* Czech language updated
* Czech help file added
* Russian language updated
* Portuguese-Brazil language updated
* The automatic interval when checking for updates has been decreased to once a week
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated


2012-05-14 Version

* Now you can execute a Command Line action as an event. This is great if you cannot use the execute or
ExecuteAndWait event for some reason (too many parameters, or for complicated stuff)
* The interface warns you now when the engine is not found
* When executing a file externally (by the UI) errors were not marked as such
* Showing the filter "All files" in some dialog boxes didn't work. Fixed
* FTP sources and destination can now be parametrized
* Portuguese-PT language updated
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated
* The help file has been updated


2012-05-06 Version

* Portuguese-PT language added
* Catalonian help file updated
* Some external links have been updated
* The help file has been updated


2012-04-25 Version

* Out of the BETA phase. First official release of v11
* When using "One full of" and no previous full backup was found, a full backup was never triggered
* "Use fixed days" and "One full of.." are now mutually exclusive
* Portugues-BR language updated
* Turkish language updated


2012-04-20 Version BETA

* Some menu shortcuts were corrected
* Italian language updated
* Czech language updated
* Swedish language updated


2012-04-17 Version BETA

* When running a task and no duplicated tasks should be queued, the current task is also checked
* When the interface shows the history list, the last history item is now shown directly
* Failed FTP backups were listed in the history. Fixed
* Czech language added
* Swedish language added
* French language updated
* Turkish language added
* Some typos corrected in the english language files


2012-04-11 Version BETA

* The size of the history was showing files with errors as well. Hopefully fixed
* Catalonian help file added
* Polish language added


2012-04-10 Version BETA

* Some menu shortcuts where interfering with UI passwords. Fixed.
* A wrong string was beeing shown in the Options box (Safe mirror)
* When using encryption without compression and 7zip, the files should be stored and not compressed. Fixed
* Italian language updated


2012-04-07 Version BETA

* French language added
* Catalonian language updated
* The main icons for the application and the user interface have been changed
* When updating the program, the log files are not deleted anymore
* The animated icons on the tray (when backing up) have been changed
* The paused icon on the tray has been changed


2012-04-04 Version BETA

* When using compression with individual files OR encryption, if 2 files with the same name
but different extensions were found, only the last one would be backed up. Fixed
* Some icons have been changed
* Service is once again the default installation option
* Russian language updated
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated


2012-03-29 Version BETA

* A warning is now issued when trying to do an incremental or differential backup of FTP sources
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated
* Russian language updated
* Catalonian language updated


2012-03-29 Version BETA

* The setting "Missed backups interval" can now be controlled from the Options
* If "Prevent sleeping" was checked, the Sleep event was not working. Doh...
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated


2012-03-28 Version BETA

* The default installation mode is now Application. Too many questions of people who don't even try to read the FAQ
* Run missed backups if now OFF by default. Too many questions from people asking why a task is running out of schedule time
* The "Open File" dialog should now ignore sharing errors
* Missed backups were sometimes executed for manual tasks as well. Fixed
* An error has been fixed when deleting empty read only directories
* Russian language updated
* French help file updated


2012-03-24 Version BETA

* Catalonian language updated
* When executing files externally (by the UI) the name of the file was not been shown


2012-03-23 Version BETA

* The scheduler was sometimes ignoring the time when the log was to be mailed. Fixed.
* The message "Connection Closed Gracefully." is not logged as an error
* Italian language added

2012-03-22 Version BETA

* The deleter should now be able to delete hidden and system files
* When the Remote Manager closes, this is not longer logged as an error
* The "Delete log files" option wasn't working. Fixed
* Missed tasks were still being executed with the Shutdown, Restart, etc post backup events. Fixed
* The tasks were being executed on batteries even if the option that prevented it was checked
* Some typos fixed i the english language files
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated


2012-03-22 Version BETA

* When deleting old backups, files with the read-only or hidden attributes where not deleted. Fixed
* The "Log at real time" setting was not correctly set in the user interface
* Catalonian language updated
* Russian language updated


2012-03-20 Version BETA

* The program wasn't creating manual destinations successfully
* The settings for the remote server manager must be now configured ON THE SERVER. If you are using
the remote manager, configure the manager settings again
* The tab order in some dialogs has been corrected
* Catalonian language added
* When entering simple masks manually, the comma-text result is checked before teh value is added
* Spanish language updated
* English language updated


2012-03- 17 Version BETA

* A bug has been fixed with the "A week ago" filter
* Russian language updated


2012-03-16 Version BETA

* Creating a new task gives now the task a friendly default name
* Some dialogs are now centered even if the main windows has not been shown yet
* Inclusion or exclusion filter NEWER THAN/OLDER THAN in relative form didn't work. Fixed
* The directory for the FTP test contains now a timestamp to prevent an error on retry
* A warning is now logged if you try to use VSC without having the .NET 3.5 framework installed
* An error has been fixing with the encoding of the e-mail
* Russian language added
* Spanish language updated
* English file updated


2012-02-14 Version BETA

* A queue manager has been added
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated
* No more features will be added to the BETA release


2012-03-14 Version BETA

* Full import for v10 history implemented
* Partial import for v9 history implemented (not FTP history because of incompatibility)


2012-03-14 Version BETA

* The history is now imported as well for lists from version 11 and version 10
* The default size for the history window has changed
* Error with mixed AES and classic encryption used is fixed
* Error with not detecting wrong CRC in some cases is fixed


2012-03-13 version BETA

* The about box looks now OK when Windows is running without themes
* Some transparecy problems fixed when running without themes
* Fixed an error with the dialog box filter for the Execute/Execute and wait events


2012-03-11 Version BETA

* Some typos have been corrected
* English files updated
* When a task was executed manually and "Shut down computer" was selected, the machine was not closed properly


2012-03-10 Version

* The size of the backup was sometimes negative or 0 when the total size was large enough.
The old bad sizes in the history will, remain wrong, though
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated
* When checking for new versions, manually, the log tab is now always shown


2012-03-09 Version BETA

* The setup was crashing if an script created by an older version was present. You will need to recreate the script to use the new format
* The task's properties show now "Calculating..." when the size is unknown


2012-03-08 Version BETA

* A "Run all tasks on start" setting has been added
* The Remote Manager has been updated
* The maximum depth of linked tasks has been increased to 10
* When refreshing individually compressing files, the existing archive is recreated now (not refreshed) to speed up things
* The archive attribute was not being respected for individually compressed or encrypted files in FTP backups
* "Refreshing" non-individually compressed FTP archives forces now a full backup
* Refreshing a non existing archive forces now a full backup
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated


2012-03-07 Version BETA

* "Make one full of..." property is now shown in the task's property
* The "Keep x differential" is not shown in the task's property list if the task is not differential
* Some typos corrected in the english version
* The setup runs now a bit faster


2012-03-07 Version BETA

* If a task contains 2 or more "Link task" events, then those events are now executed in order
* An exc6seption in the engine fixed (when running a new installation)
* When a task begins and is counting files, the right task is marked as active in the list
* If a source or destination contained an ampersand, it was shown as an accelarator


2012-03-06 Version BETA

* Fixed an error with long paths (paths > 256 characters)
* Fixed an error when the exclusions were not taken in consideration when showing the source size


2012-03-06 Version BETA

* "Low thread priority" option added
* English language modified
* Spanish language modified


2012-03-05 Version BETA

* Fixed a bug with the interface not loading the days of the week correctly
* Added an option to show the progress as numbers over the progress bar
* The size of a task with Inclusions/Exclusions was wrong. Fixed
* The history items were sometimes showing a wrong size. Hopefully fixed
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated


2012-03-01 Version BETA

* The order od the linked tasks was wrong where adding linked tasks to the queue


2012-02-29 Version BETA

* The "Test SMTP" function wasn't working as expected. Fixed.

2012-02-28 Version BETA

* A bug has been fixed: some errors would not increment the error counter
* The "Select directory dialog" was not fired in the installer
* A bug with the Exclusions/Inclusions fields when importing from version 8 and 9 fixed
* Sometimes when importing, the Encryption property was incorrectly set
* The display name for the VSC requester has been changed
* The English file has been changed
* The spanish file has been changed


2012-03-01 Version 11 BETA

* Welcome to the new version: Cobian Backup 11, Gravity
* AES encryption (128, 192 and 256 bits)
* The directories Settings, Logs and DB can now be configured manually
* A task has now the Priority field
* A new scheduled type is added: On startup
* A new scheduled type was added: On first Monday, On third Tuesday, etc...
* Now you can limit the number of Differential backups as well
* Now you can select a fixed day of the week to make an incremental or differential backup Full
* The program can now automatically delete old files
* Suspend and Hibernate are now Events
* Sources and Destinations can now be sorted "As Explorer"
* Delete empty directories is now a Task property
* A LOT of new parameters can now be used (see the help file)
* The task list can now be divided and organized in groups
* Inclusions and Exclusions can now be arranged
* The Deleter can now delete multiple sources
* The Safe Mirror directory keeps now the original directory structure
* You can now link tasks as an event
* The installer is now improved
* The application can now be closed from every possible desktop
* Old encryption methods are now deprecated
* The decryptor and decompressor accept now multiple sources
* The decryptor and the decompressor accept command line arguments
* The program checks the existence of the destination file even when using the attribute method
* Counting files can now be paused or canceled
* The body of the mail is now configurable
* The Remote Manager is fully rewriten and can now show the progress of the remote client
* The Remote Manager can now get the FULL log file of the client
* Restart and Shutdown work now even with impersonation
* Missed backups don't restart or shutdown the machine now if that event is present
* And a LOT more


2010-09-23 Version

* Now you can show the full path of te current file in the status bar: Options-Visuals
* When using a monthly task with multiple days, only the first one on the list was being correctly executed
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated
* Swedish language updated
* Russian language updated
* Slovenian language updated

2010-09-21 Version

 * Now an unattended installation can copy and use a default list (see help file, under Installation)
* Extra protection added when the current list is missconfigured in the ini file
* Turkish language updated
* Finnish language updated
* Portuguese-PT language updated
* Swedish language updated
* Help file updated


2010-09-17 Version

* When "Delete empty directories" is selected, the main destination folder is now deleted as well
* The number of files processed and the number of errors are now logged per task too
* When mailing after a task, the number of files and error for the current task are now mailed
* With annual scheduling, the month part of the date was incorrectly decoded
* The log file can now be forcibly flushed
* A manual shutdown is now canceled if the backup is manually aborted
* The deleter tool has been updated to correctly delete system files
* The help file has been updated
* Slovak language added
* Finnish language added
* Swedish language updated
* Spanish language updated
* English language updated


2010-07-13 Version

* When deleting old backups, the program clears the read only, hidden and system attributes of the directories before deletion to prevent some problems in Windows Vista and 7
* Polish language added
* Partial hungarian translation added
* Turkish language updated
* Italian language updated
* Russian language updated
* Catalan language updated
* Korean language updated
* Portuguese-BR language updated

2010-06-29 Version

* The deletion of files to mantain X full copies is now done in the main thread. Hopefully this will fix all the Access denied errors when deleting old directories
* The interval between two checks for missed backups can now be changed
* A blank line has been added in the log file between two tasks
* The clients are now sorted by name in the remote manager
* Korean language updated
* Chinese - simplified language updated
* Catalan language updated
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated
* Swedish language updated


2010-06-21 Version

* The function "Set archive attributes" was clearing the attributes instead. Fixed.
* Fixed a problem when using AES encryption with ZIP and empty passwords
* Ucranian language added
* Catalan language added
* Russian language updated
* Turkish language updated
* Portuguese-PT updated


2010-05-18 Version

* The zip files were not updated properly in incremental/differential mode
* The program changes the backup mode to full and warns when updating an archive using the timestamp method
* Spanish language updated
* Swedish language updated
* English language updated
* French language updated
* Italian language updated
* Czech language updated


2010-05-14 Version

* When using customized paths for DB and Settings, the uninstaller respects now those when upgrading
* Parameters have now an own place in the help file
* Entering * in the allowed IP list for the remore server gives now access to every possible client
* Portuguese-BR updated
* Portuguese-PT updated
* Turkish language updated
* Russian language updated


2010-05-11 Version

* The log level "log errors only" was not working
* The poll interval for the remote thread can now be changed using the interface
* The "Size smaller than" and "Size larger than" in the exclusions were actually doing the opposite. Fixed
* Simplified chinese updated
* Italian language updated
* Turkish language updated
* Korean language updated
* Portuguese-BR updated
* English language modified
* Spanish language modified
* Chinese-Traditional added
* Swedish language added


2010-04-28 Version

* When uisng the -list parameter, sometimes the last opened list was used
* Clearing the archive attribute of the source was also clearing the read only attribute. Fixed
* Portuguese-PT language updated
* Partial simplified chinese translation added
* Russian language updated


2010-04-26 Version

* A restart event has been added
* Some typos fixed
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated
* Korean language updated

2010-04-23 Version

* Some optimizations should make copy operations a little faster
* Marginally faster FTP transfers
* In some networks destinations after copying a file the program could stall for some seconds. An introduced workaround should make backups go faster for that special case
* Some controls have now the default focus
* When using the -list: parameter the engine was not logging the list change
* A backup could be "double-paused" by mistake. Fixed
* The FAQ has been updated
* Turkish language updated
* Czech language updated


2010-04-21 Version

* FTP downloads accept now relative paths as well
* Uploading a directory which contained some excluded subdirectory caused the creation of a wrong remote directory structure
* When using small icons, the list used to show the wrong icon for the current task


2010-04-20 Version

* A keep alive option has been added for FTP (FTP properties-Timeout-Keep alive)
* When there is a FTP transfer error and we are retrying, the first try will NOT be logged as an error
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated


2010-04-19 Version

* Some changes to the Prevent sleeping function
* German language updated


2010-04-17 Version

* When compressing several folders with the same root, the parent folder was used as root. Fixed


2010-04-12 Version

* Some optimization done. The pause mutex and the Abort critical section are now called much seldom
* Some optimizations in the progress status should make operations go faster for small files
* When using compressing and the task name, illegal characters are now substituted
* Czech language updated


2010-04-06 Version

* A bug fixed when downloading from a FTP server that uses the NT listing format
* Some changes done to the "Mail after task" logic
* Czech language updated
* French language updated


2010-04-02 Version

* Fixed a problem with FTP transfers and long paths (>260 chars)
* Turkish language updated
* Czech language added


2010-03-30 Version

* A bug with mask for file names that contains "[" has been fixed
* Some changes in mask handling
* German language updated
* Russian language updated
* Portuguese-Br updated


2010-03-25 Version

* Faster user interface log operation
* Fixed an "access violation message that sometimes appeared when closing another instance of the UI.
* Fixed a deadlock that sometimes happened when closing the user interface
* When automatically deleting old backups and impersonating, the deletion is now done under the same account
* Russian language updated
* Turkish language updated
* Portuguese-PT updated
* Spanish language updated


2010-03-22 Version

* New "clean" tray icons are now used
* A lot of optimizations done
* Out of the BETA cycle. First official release


2010-0322 Version BETA

* When retrying a FTP operation, the first error will not be logged as such
* Sometimes (rarely) a "check for missed backups" operation could be fired at the wrong time
* Russian language updated
* Italian language updated


2010-03-19 Version BETA

* Fixed an error in the file names while encrypting or zipping individual files.
* Russian language updated


2010-03-18 Version BETA

* Turkish language added
* The CRC control a zip archives was not working for subfolders


2010-03-17 Version BETA

* Some small interface fixes
* Russian language updated


2010-03-17 Version BETA

* A bug fixed in the header of the mails, which prevented some clients like Thunderbird to see the attachments
* Korean language added
* Russian language added
* Portuguese-BR language updated
* Portuguese-PT language updated


2010-0315 Version BETA

* The update dialog is now closed automatically after 30 seconds
* FTP transfers show now the FTP conversation with the server if the log is in verbose mode
* A collision problem has been fixed when a directory contained both short and long file names
* Fixed a bug while executing batch files with spaces in the path
* Some bugs in the mask handling of the french translation fixed
* The unsafe copy property is now limited to some selected extensions
* Italian language updated
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated


2010-03-11 Version BETA

* The Cannot load SSL libraries error should be gone now
* The MIME type for compressed logs is now application/x-zip-compressed
* German translation added
* Portuguese-PT updated
* Portuguese-BR updated


2010-03-09 Version BETA

* If the destination exists, the program clears not only the Read only attribute, but also the Hidden one
* A new option called Unsafe copy has been added to disable file checking before copying
* Spanish language updated
* English language updated
* Portugues-BR updated
* Portugues-PT updated


2010-03-09 Version BETA

* Defaults settings for a new task have been corrected
* Small changes to the FTP engine
* New option to retry failed FTP transfers
* After canceling a dialog box, sometimes the Exit menu in the tray was disabled
* If the creation of the tray icon fails when the application autostarts, it will be re-created after 2 minutes
* Some dialog buttons where untranslated
* English file updated
* Spanish file updated
* Portuguese-PT updated


2010-03-08 Version BETA

* Events can now be arranged, with an Up and Down pop up menu
* Sometimes, when the FTP connection was dropped, files where uploaded to the wrong FTP directory
* A bug in the FTP delete procedure fixed, when using relative paths
* A new option has been added to log new versions as errors or normally
* The "Check for updates" function wasn't correctly using SOCKS proxies
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated
* Portugues-BR updated
* Portugues-PT updated


2010-03-05 Version BETA

* When using the task name in compression, the file extension was not set
* Portugues-PT updated


2010-03-03 version BETA

* Parameters can now be applied to the ini file in the fields: Temporary directory, ID of the remote client and Safe mirror folder
* Some internal changes done to allow custom versions
* Some advanced settings added
* Portugues-BR updated
* Portugues-PT updated
* Italian language added


2010-03-01 Version BETA

* Fixed a bug with the unattended installation script
* In an unattended installation, placing a cbEngine.ini file in the same directory where the setup is will result in this ini file being copied and used by the installed program
* Parameters can now be used in the ini file's "Current list" field (only). Useful for unattended installations
* The root directory for compression has been changed to match the way it worked on Amanita
* Some typos in the english language corrected
* Help file updated to explain unattended installations
* Portugues-PT updated


2010-02-26 Version BETA

* Critical fix: Some files were being corrupted when uploading to some FTP servers. Fixed.
* Portugues-PT language updated


2010-02-26 Version BETA

* The progress of the current operation is now updated more often
* Mask logic revisited. Fixed bug with masks like *\dir\*\*
* Optimization. When check the masks, only one IO operation is done
* The options icon is now the same in the toolbar and the main menu
* Save empty history items is now off as default
* The default value of the allowed clients in the remote manager is now,192.168.*
* Portuguese-BR language files updated
* Protuguese-PT language files updated
* Fixed a problem with the spanish translation


2010-02-24 Version BETA

* Fixed a bug with exclusion masks
* The FAQ has been updated
* A warning is now logged about Zip file compatibility
* Portuguese-Brazil updated
* Portuguese-Portugal added


2010-02-23 Version BETA

* Tasks can now be forced to backup fully
* Parameters are now correctly applied to a task's events
* The program automatically converts to UNC now even when using drag and drop
* Some typos corrected in the english language files
* Setting the archive attribute warns the user now
* The remote manager can now use the language selected by the user
* Remote manager updated to use the new Force full" command
* English language modified
* Spanish language updated


2010-02-21 Version BETA

* French language added
* Dutch language updated
* Some tooltips have been corrected
* When not using the archive attribute all files were copied. Fixed
* The "Hint color" option is now hidden on Vista or better
* The installer checks now that the OS is Windows 2000 or better before proceeding
* Some changes have been done to guarantee a minimun functionality on Windows 2000


2010-02-20 Version BETA

* FTP can now use relative paths. Just leave the working directory empty and it will be assigned to your default remote directory
* Some typos in the english file have been corrected
* The decompressor was not showing the right language
* Portuguese-Brazil language updated


2009-02-19 Version BETA

* Fixed a bug in the order of the parameters in the file name when including the backup type
* Some small changes in the FTP code was done
* Portuguese-Br language added


2010-02-19 Version BETA

* Fixed a bug when compressing directories and deleting empty ones from the archive. Some files used to be saved "out of place"
* When "Include backup type in the name" the backup names are now generated as Name Date (Type)
* The "Select file" dialog will now ignore shared violations
* Dutch translation added


2010-02-17 Version BETA

* When compressing files individually, if 2 files had the same name and different extensions, only one archive was being created. Now individually compressed files have double extensions to avoid that problem.
* The uninstaller respects now the files created by the Trasnslator tool (when upgrading only!)
* When backing up a root directory (like c:\) the hidden attribute is not copied anymore
* The installer and uninstaller warn now if you are trying to run them without administrative powers
* Some typos have been corrected in the English files


2010-02-16 Version BETA

* Livedrive FTP incorrectly replies to the CDUP command, so some hacks have been introduced to make it work
* Some typos in the english file language have been corrected


2010-02-15 Version BETA

* The caption of the Task window was not being set properly
* The default hint delay has been increased to 10 secs
* A new option has been added to control the format of the date used in the log file name
* English and spanish languages updated


2010-02-15 Version BETA

* Fixed a bug when excluding a directory with the mask *\filename.ext excluded incorrectly all the sources
* Some cosmetic problems fixed
* Help file updated

2010-02-12 Version

* The exclusions/inclusions logic has been redesigned from scratch. A couple of bugs have been fixed
* The remote server has been updated
* The interface warns now when the engine is not running and the user tries to execute a backup
* You can now decide the format of the date and time to use in the log file
* The log file and the log tab of the interface use both now the same format


2010-02-11 Version BETA

* The setup has been rewritten.
* The setup now starts the interface or the application in non-elevated mode (!!!!!!!)
* Fixed problem with FTP and simple masks


2010-02-09 Version
* The mask logic has been redesigned. There were some bugs when including directories with simple masks that is now hopefully fixed
* The time used to calculate the files to backup has now been reduced
* The backup should now be going a little bit faster because the size and date of a file is not calculated unless a date or size mask is used


2010-02-09 Version BETA
* When checking missing backups, disabled task were being executed. Fixed
* When backing up LOTS of small files, the progress bar was not being updated correctly. Fixed
* An extra layer of protection has been added to the VSC service to prevent protocol inconsistency problems
* When a list was edited and a backup was running, the icon that marked the current task was lost. Fixed
* A new option has been added to prevent the system from entering sleep mode when a backup is going on
* Two new parameters have been introduced: %FORMATDATETIME and %FNFORMATDATETIME
* A bug was fixed when using RSA-Rijndael encryption. The interface asked for a passphrase anyway
* Some typos in the english files have been corrected
* The FAQ has been updated
* Help file updated


2010-02-07 Version BETA
* A bug fixed. If the FTP remote directory do not exists, it is now correctly created


2010-02-07 Version BETA
* A bug fixed. Sometimes, when the destination directory didn't exist the backup was canceled instead of trying to create it.
* Copy attributes is back ON as default. I should know better...


2010-02-07 Version BETA

* Some typos have been fixed in the english language files
* Copy attributes is now deselected by default to speed up the backup
* When a root directory is copied, the hidden attribute is now cleared
* The size of the task source is now shown in the task's properties


2010-02-05 Version BETA

* Fixed a bug with the format of the date in the file names
* The currently running task is now displayed with a special icon in the task list
* The "Display individual files" settings is now checked by default
* The Translator now automatically changes to the next line when the editing of a line is done
* Fixed a bug when the program was executing disabled tasks


2010-02-04 Version BETA

* Fixed a bug when using a timer with time limits


2010-02-04 Version BETA

* The Volume Shadow Copy service works now even on 64bit systems
* Files can now be compressed individually
* The user interface doesn't ask for privilege elevation anymore on Vista or 7
* FTP backups can now force the downloading of hidden files if the server supports it
* A %DISKLABEL parameter can now be used to get the drive letter of a removable drive
* Simple masks can now be applied to FTP sources
* The timer schedule can now be limited in time
* The main application waits now for any mail to be send before closing
* The log file can now be send per task
* The log file level is now more granular
* The log file can now be splitted, one file per day
* The service and application control executes now depending on the UAC settings
* Fixed a bug when executing batch files with parameters
* The inclusion/exclusion masks way of work has been re-designed
* The backup now can be aborted if some event fails
* A post backup event can now be aborted if a pre-backup event failed
* Absolute paths can now be created even with uncompressed backups
* Mirror tasks can now be created for uncompressed backups
* The type of the backup can now be included in the directory name
* The tray icon signalizes now if there are errors in the last backup
* Non-compressed backup execute now a LOT faster, especially for small files
* Missed backups are now checked by the engine, so they will get executed even when the interface is not running
* The "Check for new versions" option uses now a web server for updating
* A bug has been fixed when listing the installed services
* A server (the "Remote Manager") can be used to manage a group of remote backup clients


2009-01-22 Version

* Fixed a problem with the "Repair permissions" utility
* Fixed an issue when applying "Full permissions" to the program's files on some operating systems
* Fixed a small memory leak when applying full permissions to the program's files
* When the user interface was started maximized and protected, you could close the program without entering the password. Fixed.
* When using zip compression and updating an archive, the number of compressed files in the log was incorrect. Fixed.
* When using zip compression, the number of checked files in the log was alwyas zero in some cases. Fixed.
* FAQ updated
* Some corrections done in the english file
* English and spanish help file updated
* Project web address and forum address updated on the UI
* Using indy 10.2.3
* Norwegian language added
* Dutch language updated
* Hungarian language updated
* Turkish language added
* Taiwanese language added
* Italian language updated
* Slovak language updated
* French language updated
* Portuguese-brazil language updated
* Russian languages updated


2008-09-21 Version

* Now you can ignore or include junction points in your backup
* Zip files can now archive empty directories
* 7Zip files can now archive empty directories
* Volume Shadow Copy works now even when impersonating users. This is done by reverting back to the original user before starting VSS
* The parametrization occurs now after the impersonation action
* A new parameter %USERNAME was introduced (gets the user name of the user running the backup)
* Unchecking "Show all icons" will now also remove the icons from the main menu
* The start-stop service dialog sets now the focus in the list of services
* Problem with AV error and system files is solved with zip compression
* Problem with AV error and very long file names is solved with zip compression
* The builder tool resets the read only attribute before making a new distro
* FAQ updated
* Russian language updated
* Dutch translation updated
* Portuguese-br language updated
* English language updated
* Swedish language updated  


2008-07-03 Version
* A bug has been fixed when the program didn't force a full first backup sometimes
* French language updated
* English language updated
* Slovak language updated
* Italian language updated
* Taiwanese language updated
* Portuguese-Brazil language updated
* Portuguese -Pt language added


2008-06-27 Version
* An error that prevented the decompressor to run was introduced in the previous version. Fixed.
* Some typos were corrected in the english language files
* German language updated
* Portuguese-brazil language updated 2008-06-24


* A warning is now logged when a 7zip archive is splitted with a size > 2GB
* An alternative green tray icon can now be selected fron the Options-Visuals dialog
* Problem with progress indication and FileMasks is solved for the ZIP method
* Problem with extracting files with Exclusion Mask was solved for the ZIP method
* Problem with long unicode file names was solved for the ZIP method
* Problem with with zero uncompressed size files was solved for the ZIP method
* Partial portuguese-Brazil translation added
* Latvian language updated
* Hungarian language added
* Czech language added
* Italian translation updated
* German language updated
* Russian language updated
* Slovak language updated
* Polish language updated
* French language updated
* Taiwanese language updated
* Catalan language updated
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated
* Swedish language updated


2008-04-22 Version
* End of the BETA period
* The remote client can now cancel any operation on the remote machine
* The favorite list on the Remote client can now be arranged by moving its items up and down
* When forcing missed backups, the interface will now wait for 30 seconds, just to give time for the engine to start
* Three new parameters added: %APPLICATIONPATH, %DBPATH and %SETTINGSPATH. See the help file
* Polish language updated
* French language updated
* Russian language updated
* Latvian language updated
* Italian language updated
* Slovak language updated
* Taiwanese language updated
* Korean language updated
* Spanish language updated
* Swedish language updated
* English language updated


2008-04-07 Version BETA
* If a source was not present when the task used compression, no error was displayed. Fixed
* The program re-connects now well when the connection to the FTP server times out while encrypting or compressing
* English language updated
* Spanish language updated
* Swedish language updated
* Polish language added
* Korean language added
* Slovak language added


2008-03-28 Version BETA
* The default color of the log is now clWindowText and not clBlack
* Problem with wrong CRC and encrypted splitted Zip64 archive files is solved
* English file updated
* Swedish language updated
* Help file updated
* The FAQ has been updated
* Danish language added
* Taiwanese language added
* Slovak language added
* Italian language updated
* Dutch language updated
* Latvian language updated
* Russian language updated  


2008-03-16 version BETA
* Fixed a bug when the events were not being executed in the user's desktop space
* French language updated


2008-03-16 version BETA
* Dutch language added
* Latvian language added
* Catalan language added
* The VSS function is now disabled for 64-bits Vista (see the FAQ)
* A warning is now displayed in the Setup if ZoneAlarm is installed (see the FAQ)
* A batch file failed to execute as an event if the parameter contained a space
* Italian language updated
* Russian language updated
* The update server has been simplified
* Spanish language updated
* Problem with multi-volume zip archives and Unicode file names is solved
* Access violation error when deleting and adding a file with the same name to a zip archive is fixed
* Problem with high memory consumption when extracting large archives in the Decompressor is solved


2008-03-10 version BETA
* An utility to repair the permissions of the settings and database directory is now included
* Some inconsistencies with the component's version numbers fixed
* Some functions were executing without asking for a password when the "protect user interface" was active
* The uninstaller waits now 10 seconds (and not 6 secs) after closing the programs that are running
* Russian language updated
* Spanish language updated
* Swedish language updated
* Some options in the remote client were not correctly translated. Fixed.
* When splitting and no files were compressed, an empty file was left on the destination. Fixed
* New Vista compatible icons are now used (thanks to "Blackhold" and "Startling ")
* The FAQ has been updated
* The help file has been updated
* The interface now adds a leading slash to the working directory when creating a FTP site


2008-03-05 Version BETA
* Italian language added
* Russian language updated
* German language updated
* Some dialogs had components which didn't translated to other languages. Fixed.
* Spanish and english tutorials corrected
* German tutorial added
* French language updated
* 7zip method with ULTRA compression didn't work sometimes. ULTRA will work as MAXIMUM until a reliable solution is found
* The 7zip method would not update the UI when the first file was a large one. Fixed
* Fixed a bug when adding a directory to a 7z archive. This was not afecting the program at all but was a potential problem


2008-03-02 Version BETA
* Russian language added
* French language added
* German language added
* The FTP and SMTP testing dialog shows now before the test begins
* Changing the SSL type to implicit changes now the default port of the FTP automatically
* Changing the SSL type to implicit changes now the default port of the SMTP automatically
* When checking a 7zip file an error was logged twice. Fixed.
* Using the 7zip method the program did not check the created files when using splitting. Fixed.
* If the 7zip chunks are larger than 2Gb, then they are set back to 2Gb
* Three new parameters added: %FNDATENOTIME, %FNTIMENODATE, %FNDATETIME (see the help file)
* The remote client didn't remember the language to use correctly
* The first time you run the remote client it now guesses the language to use based on the language you selected when you installed the main program


2008-02-24 Version BETA
* Fixed a problem with 7zip compression. When adding zero files to an archive, the program would hang sometimes
* Help file updated


2008-02-18 Version 9.0 BETA
* Version 9 released. This is freeware as always but NOT OPEN SOURCE (See my web page)
* Support for Volume Shadow Copies. You will be able to backup locked files
* 7zip method added. SQX is now gone.
* Pause added to all operations
* An interface instance closes now all other existing instances
* The update function can now use SOCKS proxy
* SMTP can now use SOCKS
* SMTP can now use SSL
* Autostart the interface can now be set for all users or the current user
* Autostart options are now playing fair with administrator’s rights
* Start a backup when autostart
* The remote directories are now created from the top to the root, thus minimizing the risk for Permission problems
* Downloading files shows now the percent
* FTP operations can now use UTF transfers is the server support it
* FTP operations use now UNICODE for local operations
* Zip files can now store file names in UNICODE
* Checking an archive could sometimes delete the archived files. Fixed.
* Prettier about boxes
* Icon in task properties for Manual AND ftp where swapped
* IPC via MMF is now gone
* The update server can now use MSSQL for logs or can use no logs at all
* Checking archives wrongly displayed Compressing using the verbose log
* CobDeleter is now an integral part of the UI
* Fixed the old “Error while connecting to :21:" error
* A brand new, improved help file and tutorial
* A remote client allows you to control the program from any other computer using TCP/IP
* Date/Time and Password utilities added
* In the Update function fails, the next one will be checked after 16 hours and not after 10 minutes. Enough of server hammering!
* The balloon now appears exactly near the system tray. Good calculation.
* The uninstall part of the setup is now truly automatic
* You can change the remote options for the auto-setup as well


2007-09-27 version
* Vista manifests added to all the executable files. This prevents some problems with Vista virtualization (the engine and the interface were , in some cases, not communicating well)
* Chinese- simplified language updated
* Portuguese-br language updated
* Romanian language added
* French translation updated
* Russian translation updated
* Some errors in the english tutorial have been corrected
* Swedish language updated  


2007-03-21 Version
* The program is now 100% compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista
* A new Interprocess communication method using named pipes has been added (for Vista)
* German 2 translation updated.  


2007-03-07 Version
* Fixed a bug that prevented the program to use SMTP servers with authentication
* Some problems with permissions on Vista running under User Account Control have been fixed. Note that the program is NOT 100% Vista compatible yet
* The Update server used to hang if the log file got to big
* The log file of the update server is now renamed when it's size = 1 GB
* A buf fixed when detecting Vista  


2007-02-15 Version
* Fixed a bug that prevented some directories to be deleted
* A new slovenian translation has been included
* Hungarian language updated  


2007-02-03 Version
* HOTFIX, IMPORTANT UPDATE: In very strange cases, whhen downloading from an FTP site, if some exception was arised and the program was running as a service, the program could potentially corrupt the System32 directory. FIXED.
* French language updated
* Swedish language added
* Taiwan language updated
* Portuguese-pt language updated


2007-01-26 Version
* This is the LAST version directly updated and distributed by Luis Cobian. The original author has decided to make the program Open Source and it's time to other people to take over the development. Thank you a lot for all these years!
* Fixed a refreshing bug in the standalone decryptor.
* Russian language updated
* Danish language updated
* Italian language updated
* Portugese-brazil language updated
* Portugese-Pt language updated
* Indonesian language updated
* Polish language updated


2006-11-16 Version
* If the engine or the interface cannot access the temporary directory, the program will change it automatically and log a warning
* If the user cancels the backup, and the shutdown flag is set, the program will NOT shutdown the computer
* The time elapsed for a backup is now shown as hh:mm:ss
* Fixed a problem when deleting read-only directories
* Dutch language updated
* German 2 translation updated
* Indonesian language updated
* Finnish translation added
* The css of the help file works now fine in Firefox
* French tutorial added
* French help added
* French language updated
* Portuguese files updated
* Russian translation updated
* Chinese simplified language added
* Help file updated


2006-08-25 Version
* Fixed a problem with the security permissions for the log file
* The log file lives now in the DB subdirectory.
* The program deletes now backups which have the "Read only attribute" set
* The color of the progress bar for the Total percent of the operation has been changed to brown when active
* Danish language added
* French language updated
* Polish language updated
* Russian language updated
* Chinese - Traditional language added  


2006-08-07 Version
* Copying a root directory (C:\, for example) copied also it's attributes, making the destination hidden. Fixed.
* The attributes and permissions of a directory are now copied after the contain was copied.  


2006-08-07 Version
* The caption of the Select directory dialog has been fixed
* The date/time of the mail send by the program is now correctly set.
* Tahoma is now the default font for the interface
* The default color of the hints is now the system default
* Portugese (Portugal) version added
* Polish language added
* The catalonian and portugese files have been renamed to exclude the accents in the file names (there are problems in some chinese systems with this)
* Czech language updated
* Italian language added
* Hungarian language added
* Alternative german language added
* French language updated
* German language updated
* Indonesian language added
* Dutch language files updated
* Dutch help file added


2006-06-27 Version
* I'm off to Mallorca for a couple of weeks of vacation. Will be back in the middle of July. Please use ONLY the support forum for questions. They will be answered when I come back.
* The program now correctly copies the attributes of the directories as well
* The Copy NTFS permissions is now set to false by default for new installations
* Using include masks with several sources in compressed backups resulted in the program backing up more files than it was needed. Fixed.
* Hungarian language updated
* Portuguese language updated
* French language updated  


2006-06-26 Version
* The zip operation now correctly uses the temporary directory
* The user interface remembers now the last used directory
* Some controls have been better centered
* The decryptor warns now if the destination and the source are the same
* Russian language updated
* Dutch tutorial added
* Portuguese language updated  


2006-06-22 Version
* The masks logic has been re-visited. Better masks support
* Decrypting files restores now the time stamp and the attributes of the original file
* A new parameter %COMPUTERNAMENOSPACES has been added
* Some cosmetical fixes done
* Dutch language updated
* Some errors in the help file have been fixed
* Portuguese language updated


2006-06-20 Version
* The Services' window remembers now the position
* The backup properties dialog uses now the Show grid setting
* A "Find Next" button has been added to the Translator tool.
* The conditions to copy open files when possibly are now less restrictive.
* Some menu items were not translated correctly. Fixed.
* Selecting all the text in the log tab sets now the focus to the log area first.
* Some changes done in the authentication mechanism for SMTP
* The width of some controls has been adjusted to fit the Russian translation
* Russian translation added
* Slovenian language added
* Portuguese language added
* Catalonian language added


2006-06-20 Version
* A new option was added to show the grid lines for the lists
* The default log font has been changed to Courier New
* A warning is now shown in the installer for the translators
* Some changes done in the english and spanish translation
* Hungarian translator added  


2006-06-15 Version
* The task properties dialog displayed the wrong text for inclusion masks
* French translation updated
* The event "Add pause" displayed the wrong caption
* Trying to update a split archive gave of course an error. Now the program forces a full backup instead.
* The Cancel and OK button on the task properties never was translated. Fixed.  


2006-06-14 Version
* Fixed a bug with the "Save list as" menu
* Some changes done in the Spanish translation
* You can now copy from the program's browser
* French translation updated
* A partially done Czech language translation added  


2006-06-12 Version
* Fixed a problem with permissions with the main list
* Fixed a problem with permissions with the update ini file
* Non-critical errors are not shown in the total error count
* French translation added
* German translation added
* Dutch translation added  


2006-06-07 Version
* The program now imports lists from previous versions with FTP sources or destinations correctly


2006-06-05 Version
* Installing the service under a local account resulted in a "No mapping" error. Fixed
* The ExecuteAndWait event was not working well when the program was working as a service. Fixed.
* The program was ignoring the setting "Mail if errors only". Fixed
* If the backspace key was pressed on the internal browser, 2 characters were removed. Fixed
* Some grammatical errors in the tutorial have been corrected.
* The program shows now the update information in a better way


2006-06-02 Version
* More functionality added to the mask logic


2006-06-01 Version
* The exclusions/inclusions mask were not working at all. The basic functionality has been fixed. More to come in this field.
* The error No argument for format '%s' was shown while a download failed. Fixed.
* The program now copies the permissions of the directories as well  


2006-05-31 Version
* The program had sometimes problems detecting UNC directories. Fixed
* The program now assigns Full Control for all users to the DB and Settings subdirectory. Needed for multiuser access.
* backing up a whole drive like C:\ resulted in an invalid directory name. Fixed
* The toolbar buttons are now displayed as 32x32 buttons and not as 48x48


2006-05-30 Version
* The FTP test works could not create a test with timestamps in the file name. Fixed
* The setup program now correctly installs the UI manifest
* The visual XP style works now correctly
* The archive comment was not correctly translated


2006-05-29 Version 8 BLACK MOON BETA is out!

The program uses now Unicode functions whenever it can. Using compression and FTP will use ANSI functions, of course because of limitations on those formats or the FTP protocol. If you don't use compression or FTP, the program will always handle your file names as Unicode. The program uses now memory mapped files for inter-process communication. All the TCP communication used in older versions has been eliminated. A new method of encryption has been added: RSA-Rijndael, which uses a 256-bit Rijndael encryption with a random key that is itself encrypted used a 1024-bit RSA asymmetric key. Sensitive settings as passwords are now stored in the ini file using strong encryption The program is now a "green" application. All the files are stored in ini files. The only part that used the registry is the service, which, for obvious reasons must be installed using the registry. A green application, of course is not necessarily a good thing, but some people (often for "religious" reasons) seem to think that this is a good thing. Oh, well... A feature allows you now you execute individual tasks under different user accounts. The task will then try to impersonate the user and execute the task under that account. The 256 characters path limit is now GONE thanks to Unicode. The file and paths names can now be up to 32000 characters long. Now you can close programs using also their class names. Better SQX error handling. Full service control from the Option dialog. The mirroring effect that you got while compressing AND overwriting has been thankfully eliminated.  LOTS of bugs fixed A better user interface.  FTP transfers of larger files (> 2 GB are now supported)


2006-04-18 Version
* Some very important changes in the encryption methods have been done. In the pass, some problems could arise if you were encrypting files with a size of 2GB or larger. This is now fixed. For compatibility with the new method introduced in Black Moon, the encryption is now done using unicode passphrases. Of course, the decryptor has been updated to handle the new and the obsolete methods.


* Support for the new Live update service (v2) has been added
* When the source of a backup contained a large number of files, and several tasks started at the same time, those tasks were ignored because the program was busy counting files. FIXED.
* Esperanto translation added
* Russian language updated
* A NEW portuguese-brazilian translation has been added
* Italian translation updated


2006-03-29 Version
* The ShutDown procedure displayed the "It's safe to shutdown Windows" screen. Should be fixed now.
* Check the program homepage for info about Cobian Backup Black Moon


2006-02-28. Version
* No more updates will be done for version 7. The new version "Black Moon', unicode only will be the next release.
* Italian help file updated
* Italian language updated
* Russian language updated
* Deutsch language updated 2005-12-13 Version
* A test button has been added to test the SMTP and FTP settings
* Now you can pass the source, directory or Task name as parameters to an Execute or Execute and wait event (see help file under Tasks)
* Now you can reorder the events by right-clicking on some event and choosing Move up or Move down
* Bug with creating multi-volume archive larger than 4Gb is fixed
* Help file and some tooltips have been updated
* Czech language updated
* Hungarian language updated
* Swedish language added
* German language updated
* Hungarian language updated
* The FAQ has been updated


2005-11-28 Version
* The program can now copy NTFS permissions (unchecked by default)
* The program can now automatically convert mapped drives into UNC paths
* The problem when the program erroneously reports "The archive doesn't contain any files and has been deleted" is hopefully fixed
* The "Autoexecute missed backups" ignores now the disabled tasks.
* Catalan language updated
* The "Close program" event gives you now a possibility to forcibly close an application with unsaved data or to kill it.


2005-11-23 Version
* AT LAST, a service can now stop and start programs in the visible desktop. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!
* Spanish language updated
* Euskera (vasque) language added
* The "Do not reset archive attributes" is now a Task setting, not a global option
* The decompressor can now ignore the log messages that don't contain errors
* The decompressor clears now the log before an operation begins
* Italian translation updated


2005-11-16 Version
* Now you can check the CRC of the files copied WITHOUT compression. This makes the backup 3 times slower but much reliable.
* The autostart for the user interface as a service can now be controlled from the options dialog
* The restart/shutdown events works now as a service even when no user is logged on
* The restart/shutdown events ask now if you want to close applications which contain unsaved data
* The restart/shutdown function works now fine in Windows 9x
* The setup program shows now a warning about Zone Alarm
* Fixed a bug when saving a list with another name. The task ID is now correctly changed, preventing the 2 lists to use the same task history
* French help file updated.
* Hungarian language updated.
* Hungarian help file added
* Dutch language and FAQ updated
* French language updated
* German language updated
* Czech language updated
* A bug in the application caption is fixed
* The list of ASCII FTP extensions has been updated


2005-11-02 version
* Bug with adding more than 65535 files to an archive smaller than 4Gb is fixed
* Hungarian translation updated
* A new option has been added to start the missed backups without warning
* The parameter -bu can now be passed to the user interface (cobui.exe). This way, -bu will even work with services
* Fixed a problem with the Start menu icons in Windows 95/98/ME
* German translation updated.
* Slovakian language added, thanks to Rasto Cyprich


2005-10-18 Version
* The decompressor remembers now the working directory between sessions
* The decrypting tool remembers now the working directories between sessions
* The setup program correctly create the icons now when installing for the current user
* The FAQ has been updated 2005-10-12 Version
* Fixed a bug when zipping directories which contain some exception list. If the mask was of type SOMEDIR\
* no files at all where included even files outside SOMEDIR. Fixed.
* Dutch FAQ updated 2005-10-05 Version
* The 2Gb limit for encrypting/decrypting operations has been eliminated.
* The bug that prevented the program to decrypt files of size larger than 2Gb has been fixed.
* Korean language updated
* French translation updated
* The catalonian traduccion has been updated.
* Czech language updated.
* Norwegian language updated.
* One german translation has been updated.
* At last, an unified french translation has been added. All the other french translations are now substituted by this one.


2005-08-26 Version
* When the main window is protected by a password, there was an exception if the user doubleclicked the tray icon more than twice. Fixed.
* Dutch FAQ updated
* Fixed a bug when closing programs in a before or after backup event.
* Italian translation updated
* The decrypting tool clears now the log memo before decrypting
* Now you get a warning and error when you try to encrypt/decrypt a file larger than 2 GB


2005-08-03 Version
* The installer can now work automatically without any user input. An utility to create the setup script can be downloaded from my site.
* A bug in the installer always created the icons even when the user checked this option off.
* When aborting a job that has the shutdown box checked, the program shuted down the PC anyway. Fixed.
* Pressing Escape or Enter closes now the About box
* A bug in Delphi caused that some existing files were reported as "not found". Fixed (hopefully).
* A second italian translation has been included, thanks to Matteo Lanzoni
* A very incomplete hungarian translation has been added. Thanks to Manhiszvanna
* When deleting backup files, a message was shown about the user aborting the operation. Fixed
* Italian language file updated
* Chosing No compression sets now the Split property to "No split"
* A hidden registry setting to control the cache of the password has been added
* When a new task is created, the "Task name" edit box has now the focus


2005-08-03 Version BETA
* Some users had weird installation errors. I have somewhat modified the setup program to prevent errors while writing to the system temporary directory.
* When the user protects the interface with a password, the password's cache will now expire when the interface minimizes
* Checking NAT fast track checks now also IPv6 extensions


2005-08-03 Version BETA
* Dutch help file added thanks to Frans van der Kolk
* In windows XP, a modal form sometimes was placed behind the main form. Fixed.
* Fixed an error with the AM/PM time format. The user interface didn't accept it.
* German translation updated
* A partial korean translation was added
* The FAQ has been revisited  


2005-06-30 Version BETA
* The engine worked painfully slow when no interface was available. Fixed.
* The decrypting plugin was corrupted in the last version. Fixed.
* A dutch version has been added. Thanks to Frans van der Kolk
* Three french translations have been updated.
* Greman translation updated


2005-06-30 Version BETA
* The last version introduced some FTP problems when downloading, so I have rolled back some changes.
* Another german translation has been added.
* Czech language updated.


2005-06-29 Version BETA
* The engine doesn't use the Borland memory manager anymore (it sucks when zipping huge numbers of files)
* The "range check error" when using FTP transfers should be solved now (hopfully)
* In some machines, SSL transfers didn't work at all. Fixed.
* The installation program distributes the SSL libraries now
* Spanish translation updated
* French translation updated
* German translation updated


2005-06-27 Version BETA
* A bug in the decompresor has been fixed. The right string for Number of files is now shown.
* The user interface shows now only those tasks properties that are relevant to the selected task.
* The czech translation by Sulc Miroslav has been completed
* Two french language files have been updated.


2005-06-23 Version BETA
* If the After backup events contains a Shutdown command, the backup history operations were not completly executed. Fixed.
* The uninstalling program waits now 3 seconds before attempting to delete the engine
* The backup history stored the wrong file name when using zip files with advanced naming
* Another french translation added (thanks to Jérôme Lacambra)
* Portuguese language updated (Thank you to Clayton Schirmer)
* Spanish language files updated
* In the backup properties dialog, double clicking in a local file or directory source or destination will now execute the fire or open the directory.
* The list of the backup history scrolls down automatically to show the last added backup.
* Polish version added (Thanks to Tomasz Muszyñski)
* A french translation has been updated
* A partial czech translatiob by Sulc Miroslav has been added  


2005-06-17 version BETA
* When making an incremental compressed backup, and there is no need to compress any file, the program no longer shows the error "Couldn't find the compressed file".
* The final help file in french has been added (thanks to Emmanuel Brillot)
* When selecting the events "Execute" or "Execute and wait", the caption of the window was wrongly changed


2005-06-16 version
* A bug has been fixed: Splitting a compressed incremental or differential backup always resulted in a full backup.
* Some small fixes in the help file
* The "Low priority copy thread" was too slow. This has been fixed.
* Fixed a bug. When downloading and compressing a non existing FTP directory, the current directory was wrongly zipped instead.


2005-06-15 Version BETA
* Partial help translation (thanks to Emmanuel Brillot)
* Norwegian translation added (many thanks to Tarje Olderheim)
* Italian help file added (thanks to Fernando Sannazzaro)
* Italian help file updated


2005-06-14 Version BETA
* Spanish language file updated
* The translator has now a search function
* The translator checks now that the number of parameters are equal in every side
* Some updates have been done in the french language files.


2005-06-13 Version BETA
* One french translation has been updated
* The disabled buttons in the decompression tool look now OK.
* The remote backup tool has now a main menu
* Fixed a bug when displaying the task's properties in the remote backup tool
* The remote backup tool will not accept an empty password
* The user interface warns now if the task name contains one of the following characteres: /,\,
* Fixed the application icon for the CobBU.exe program
* A catalonian translation has been included, thanks to Pep Isern
* Some reorganization has been done in the Options dialog
* The FAQ has been updated


2005-06-12 Version BETA
* Fixed a "Range check error" when downloaing files in some computers with High resolution Performance counters
* Fixed a bug when giving names to downloaded archives
* The tooltip of the application in the tray iocon will now show the name of the task that is being processed
* Ctrl+Z added as an alternative shortcut to show the interface
* Pointing to the name of the list in the status bar shows now the full path to the list


005-06-10 Version BETA
* Fixed the exception "Format '%s' invalid or incompatible with argument" when compressing (introduced in the last build)
* Changing to a FTP remote directory that doesn't exists doesn't log an error now if the directory can be succesfully created


2005-06-09 Version BETA
* A new option has been added to turn on/off the "first backup is full" feature
* The message "TLS is not available on the server. Trying to continue without TLS..." is not shown anymore, and it's not longer considered an error
* The interface to the Registry plugin was fixed
* The program logs now all the operations made with the source file's attributes
* A global shortcut can now be used to open the interface. Windows key + C is the default, but you can change that in the Options.
* The interface of the After backup plugin has been changed
* Fixed the behavior of the plugin window in the user interface
* Title meta tag of the help files have been fixed
* Fixed a bug in the about box. Clicking on the panel caused some labels to dissapear
* Copyright date fixed on the help file
* Changing the language translates not the "Active" or "Inactive" words in the status bar


2005-06-07 Version BETA
* French translation by Laurent Poulette added
* Another French translation by Emmanuelle Brillot added
* Another french translation by Philippe Rangeard added
* Italian translation by Fernando Sannazzaro added
* The Tasks tab is now correctly translated
* The "Engine no found" error is now ignored the first time
* Spelling errors fixed
* In the properties list box, the date AND time of the backup is now shown
* Some log strings are fixed
* Tab order in the Connect dialog of the remote tool fixed
* The Clear button in the Remote tool is now correctly tranlated
* The Password dialog in the Remote tool had 2 Cancel buttons. Corrected.
* The "Use icons in tabs" checkbox is now correctly translated.
* The error shown when the program failed to set the attributes are now verbose only
* If a "Before backup" plugin returns a negative number, the task will be ignored
* The remote backup properties show now the right strings
* The last used addresses of the remote backup work OK now
* Fixed a "problem" (caused by Windows) when an archive contains both a long and a short file name


2005-06-03 Version BETA
* If the main copy method failed, it wrongly reported that "it couldn't delete a directory". Fixed.
* Fixed a problem when copying or encrypting read only files.


2005-06-02 Version BETA
* The "Add task" popup menu will now be inactive if some task is selected
* Some spelling errors fixed
* Fixed the problem with the access violation when deleting backups 2


005-06-01 Version BETA is out
* Fixed a bug when zipping open files
* Spanish version added
* Fixed some small bugs


2005-05-16 Version 6.0 ALFA released. This is only a very primitive alfa version with lots of non functioning things


2005-05-15 Version 7 is Out
* Differential backups
* Now you can backup FROM a FTP server
* You can even backup from FTP to FTP
* The log file is now shown in real time
* SSL is now supported for FTP
* SQX compression is added
* A better and faster ZIP method is now used (zip64)


2005-01-28 Version
* Now you can use the program as a scheduler. Just add the source
* using the "Add manually" button
* A new memory manager is used now to solve the Out of memory issue when compressing large archives
* A bug has been fixed with encryption and incremental backup. Encrypted backup respect now the archive attribute.


2005-01-14 Version
* Now you can split your files to a custom size
* An alternative french translation has been added
* English and swedish language has been corrected.
* The values for the split size have been changed. No problems fitting the media now, hopefully.
* The english help file has been corrected.


2004-12-16 Version
* Now you can have BOTH "Exclude files" AND "Include only" some files
* When zipping and uploading to an FTP the counter of the files used to show the real number +1. Fixed.
* When zipping several subtasks, the "root" of the zip will now be the parent directory of the first item. If you are updating existing files you could have duplicate items now because of this change. Delete your zip and make a whole backup first to be sure.
* A bug has been fixed when using "including" masks into a zip file.
* French language updated
* If the temporary directory doesn't exists, the program will now attempt to create it
* A bug has been fixed when sending the log to multiple recipients.


2004-12-08 Version
* You can now directly edit a source or destination line by double clicking on it.
* A new hidden setting has been introduced. You can now turn on/off the checking for the validity of the input in the source or destination box.
* The setup program is now 100% written by me
* Fixed a bug when dragging and dropping a folder in the Exclude dialog
* Before uploading a file, the program checks once more if a time out occurred on the server.
* A bug has been fixed with non classical incremental FTP backup. It will now copy when the incremental flag is not set.


2004-12-01 Version
* The new unzipper can now be invoked from the Tools menu
* When splitting zip files AND sending them to a FTP, the file names will now be created correctly
* The unzip utility has been updated to handle the changes on the archives file name.
* A possible problem when checking the validity of the resulting file names has been fixed
* A bug has been fixed on the CRC checking procedure.
* A bug caused by the 3rd part zipping components has been fixed with a work around. File names that contained double extensions got cropped when splitting archives
* Added a hidden option to eliminate white spaces on dates in the file name. This is useful if your FTP server does have problems with spaces
* Some 3rd part components have been substituted by my own ones
* Slovak help file available as a download
* The setup program now creates a shortcut to the unzipper
* Serbian language (latin) has been added
* A new improved unzipper has been included. Now you can select the files to unzip.
* Alternative Prortuguese (BR) language added
* German ,Dutch and Czech languages updated
* Finish language added
* When using the abomination "Individual zipped subtasks" the "Kepp x copies" will have no effect now.
* Romanian language updated


2004-11-16 Version
* The user interface now shows the right size for large files > 4 GB
* The user interface uses now the API message box function when possible.
* The setup program doesn't use any 3d-part components anymore, the early crashes were caused by the use of a bad 3rd part component
* The date/times values are now independent of the regional settings. The list will be converted to a new format
* Slovak language updated
* Portuguese (Brazil) language added 2004-11-11 Version
* Now you can right click to the tasks and choose Disable to disable/enable dem. No need to open a task only for this
* The installer's behavior has been modified a little
* The uninstaller will now respect the extra plugins and languages installed after the setup
* Fixed a bug when the engine would freeze in service mode while compressing afile open exclusively be another application.
* Dutch language added
* Czech language added
* Portuguese language added
* Nonsense language added
* Swedish language added
* A plugin (CobLazy) was created. Available from the website but NOT in the distro


2004-10-05 Version
* Exclusions list logics has been rewritten
* If the log file was empty, an exception would happen when displaying the log file. Fixed.
* The directory size now shows th RIGHT size
* Romanian language added
* Fixed a bug with the DateTime picker
* A totally new setup program was build


2004-10-01 Version
* It's all new. Period.
* Support for Zip64 for huge zip files
* Zip files can be splitted now
* Strong encrypting procedures to secure your backups. Uses Blowfish (128-bit), Rijndael (128-bit) or DES (64-bit)
* The user can change the font of the user interface
* A plugin architecture was developed and the "Decrypting" plugin was created
* The interprocess communication is done using TCP/IP
* Remote control is now posible using TCP/IP
* Backup one source to multiple destination
* Local and FTP backup
* 3 methods of copying files for more reliability
* Everything is coded from scratch
* Avanced users can modify almost every detail of the backup process


2004-01-09 No new version
* Finish traslation added as a separate download from my site
* Spanish help file added as a separate download from my site
* Fixed dutch translation as a separate download from my site
* Romanian translation added as a separate download from my site
* Added danish translation as a separate download from my site


2003-09-23 Version
* Fixed an "Index out of bounds" error on the new Select folder dialog
* A quick fix to eliminate the bug when compressing files with accented characteres in the file name (a more complete fix for this problem comes in future versions) 2003-09-11 Version
* Now you can store files in the zip archive using the OEM codepage for compatibility with WinZip and other programs
* Now you can select whole directories in the exclusion list
* New hungarian translation included (full)
* Fixed a bug on drag and drop in the properties dialog box
* A debug mode was introduced.
* Fixed the error: ZipMsgXX.res is probably not linked to the executable


2003-09-06 Version
* Some more changes introduced into the Copy procedure. Hopefully the "Invalid window handle" error will be gone now. 2003-08-23 Version
* Fixed a bug in the Copy procedure.


2003-08-23 Version
* The old zip method has been dropped and completly replaced by the new one
* A new improved german translation is done
* Portuguese-pt translation added
* Hungarian translation added (somewhat incomplete, but usable)


2003-08-10 Version
* Encrypt procedure for the new zip method fixed 2003-08-10 Version
* An alternative zip method has been implemented using the INFOZIP libraries. Hopefully all zip and CRC problems will be gone now. (Note that this is NOT the default compression method. You need to select it from the options)
* German translation added
* Chech language added.


2003-07-26 Version
* FTP transfers uses now the inclusion/exclusion list
* All the elements on the interface use the default charset
* Lithuanian translation included


2003-07-13 Version
* You can now select multiple directories for the source file. An alternative "standard" dialog is also included due to problems of the new dialog on double-byte systems
* A new type of "dummy" source has been added(Pressing Ctrl-Alt-D on the source edit box)
* Fixed an error in the converting utility. When converting a list from version 4 to 5 an inclusion list was converted as an exclusion
* I'm back using the old copy method and not using streams anymore: too much problems
* Some changes has been made on the english, swedish, french and italian translations
* Dutch translation added


2003-07-04 Version
* The select folder dialog was giving a lot of problems on chinese and other double-byte systems, so I am back into the standard select folder dialog.To select multiple directories you must now use drag'n'drop from the explorer.
* Drag'n'drop is now supported directly into the New backup window and not only into the main window.
* If the source contains more than one item and you are compressing, the zip file will now always store absolute paths.
* A bug in the installer has been fixed when setting the autostart keys on the registry
* The program now correctly re-writes read-only files
* The program copies now the file attributes 2003-06-26 Version 5.0
* The backup engine has been rewrited from scrach
* User interface has been partially re-designed
* A main menu has been added for users without mouse
* The password for the user interface is now cached in memory 1 minute
* Multi-language support
* The program no longer hangs if the current list doesn't exists
* Support for backup to a FTP server
* A backup item can now contain multiple files/directories
* Incremental backups are now possible on zip files
* Fixed a bug when selecting shortcuts
* Fixed a bug on the exclude/include dialog box
* Some SMTP servers verifies by the sender e-mail {Normally the from address will be the same of the destination e.mail but if the user writes an address as the SenderName, use THIS as the SenderAddress}
* The copy procedure has been COMPLETLY rewrited, using streams now
* The incremental procedure uses the Archive bit now and not the timestamp of the file
* Now you can give the backup items a name
* Help file converted to HTML format
* The backup list is now executed in a sequencial way and not at the same time on different threads
* On the Before-After backup events you can now enter pauses
* A new kind of backup (manual) has been introduced
* A timer event will NOT start now at time=0
* The select folder dialog allows multiselection now
* The installation program uses now a modified version of Inno Setup
* An utility to convert backup lists from version 3 and 4 to version 5 has been included
* An utility to translate thr ptogram has been included
* The setup utility grants now privileges to logon as a service to the user if the program is installed as a service
* A bug fixed with zipped files. When zipping a big file (>700 Mb) the zip file would become corrupted sometimes. This has been fixed.


2002-11-26 Version
* A bug fixed. The "store absolute paths" option works OK now.
* The SMTP password is hidden now on the user interface.



2002-11-15 Version
* The day "Wednesday" is now correctly displayed on the grid.
* When one or more items on the grid where deleted, the number of files and size were not updated. Fixed.
* The grid shows now the number of files and the total size to backup, considering the exclude/include list. 2002-11-06 Version
* When calculating the total file sizes, the user interface doesn't lock now. The calculating code runs in another thread now.


2002-11-05 Version
* On XP multiple instances cannot be started now with "fast user switch".
* Hopefully a bug has been fixed on the service-interface interprocess communication
* The "Low priority" option for copy thread has been re-written
* The progress bars indicate now when one big file is beeng zipped or copied by changing the caption. This way the user gets the picture that something is going on.


2002-10-30 Version
* A REAL command line utility has now been included (cobline.exe). If you want to do a manual backup from the command line, use this program (cobline.exe) and NOT CobBU.exe. The arguments are the name of the list to backup (using quotes if the name contains spaces) and and optional /q to close the program when it executes. Example: cobline.exe "c:\Cobian Backup\MainList.lst" /Q If you don't write a file name, you will be prompted to enter one (don't use quotes this time, if you are prompted by the program). This command line utility creates a separated log file (logline.txt).


2002-10-28 Version
* Added a function to "clone" backup items on the list. (right click on any item)
* Live update writes now to the log file. A new version is logged as "error" to get your attention
* Now it is possible to change the priority of the copying threads. Sometimes when executing several backup threads, the performance of the system will go down. If you don't mind a longer backup time, change the priority to Low. The default value is Normal.
* The "Day of the Week" combo box is now a drop down list.


2002-10-15 Version A new major version of Cobian backup if out.
* The program engine has been re-written from scratch.
* Two new events has been added to every backup : a "Before backup" event and an "After backup". These events are useful if you need to automatically close some program before the backup and open it again after the backup.Please, read the help file for more information about some problems when using this feature as a service.
* Every backup item has now it's own unique ID
* The program checks now if a file is in use by another program BEFORE it tries to copy it. This way you will no longer get a destination file with 0 bytes in it.
* You can now sort the items in the list view by Name, Size, Source, Attributes, Kind or Destination.
* The exclude/include list accepts now wildcards (ex:
*.doc, cob?.ex?, etc)
* The log book's engine is much more robust now
* The inter-process communication between the engine and the user interface works MUCH better now.
* Two progress bars show now the status of the zipping and copying operations.
* The program can now schedule Windows restart-shutdown events.
* Better looking user interface
* An emergency "Abort backup" function added (experimental)
* Multi-language support added for future translations.


2002-07-07 Version
* The "information window" has been substituted by a new status bar.
* Help file updated 2002-07-07 Version
* All the icons in the user interface has been replaced in favor of better looking ones.
* The password for zip files and for the user interface are now two separated options
* A bug has been fixed when selecting multiple files on a new event
* The list view shows now only one field for the attributes: Zip, Overwrite, Incremental and Include subdirectories.
* About box style changed to a standard one


2002-06-27 Version
* The source code has been cleaned up and optimized a bit more
* A new button added to create an empty list


2002-06-26 Version
* A new option is available to store the absolute path of the files in the zip
* Fixed an intermitent bug when storing the coordinates of the user interface into the ini file


2002-06-26 Version
* Some optimizations done
* Ini file for the backup progress window is now a separated file
* The total number of files and the total size is now correctly calculated
* A new item ID has been introduced for future use
* A bug has been fixed when adding multiple files at the same time
* Some visual changes in the option dialog 2002-06-24 Version
* A special way to handle eventual exceptions added to the user interface.


2002-06-19 Version
* A new fonster shows the status of all active threads (everything that is going when backing up)
* The status bar shows now the total size of the set and the total number of files to backup
* A bug fixed (a Quit message was posted to the engine before the exit confirmation)


2002-06-19 Version
* Fixed an issue with incremental backups. Newer files could be replaced by older ones. 2002-06-17 Version released
* A new button (Delete log file) added.
* Now you can set the time when the log file will be mailed. You are no more restricted to 22:00. 2002-05-07 Version
* The user interface remerber now the last position and the columns width
* Now you can manually backup separate items. There is no need to manually backup all the items at once.
* The destination and source edit box can be manually editet by double clicking.


2002-05-02 Version Fixed another problem with date conversions. Hopefully it works now on all systems 2002-04-29 Version Fixed a problem when Windows uses the date format DD-MMM-YYY (ex: 23-DEC-02). 2002-04-24 Version
* A bug fixed. When the program tried to copy a file and failed a dialog box was shown. This is now fixed.
* The installation program gives a warning if an old version is found on your system


2002-04-24 Version released
* Support for Windows XP themes
* Uses standard Windows colors now (by request)
* Supports drag'n'drop from Windows Explorer
* You can now select multiple files from the "Open File" dialog box
* The program remember your last destination folder
* The zip procedures support now OEM conversion (PKZIP compatible)
* Installation program works MUCH better now.
* When running as an application, the program supports parameters now. The parameters are: /backupnow -backups the active list /nogui - don't show the user interface filename (no / is allowed. If the file name contains spaces, use ")-loads the list filename Exemple: CobBU.exe "c:\cobian backup\mainlist.lst" /backupnow


2002-04-17 Version released
* Incremental backup implemented
* Now you can add a mask to exclude/include certain extensions
* I don't use CopyFile anymore. I use SHFileOperation to backup files and directories.


2002-03-21 Version released
* Live update added
* A bug fixed when zipping files
* The zipping thread was nearly completly re-writted
* A new enhanced ini file is created now for new features
* Double click bug fixed in the list view


2002-03-19 Version released
* Fixed a nasty bug when backuping a root directory (ex j:\)
* A toolbutton to show the log file added to the interface
* Borland Delphi 6 is shown in the about box now
* A warning is shown when a backup is going on and the user click on Backup Now
* Log file information is much clear now
* Installation program logics changed .


2002-02-03 Version released
* Added an animated icon to the tray interface, indicating when a backup is going on
* When trying to quit the program and a backup is going on, a warning will be diplayed


2002-01-28 Version
* Fixed Access violation while running in Windows Millenium.
* The timer thread could not be terminated while sleeping. When the user try to run multiple instances, itbring the interface to the front and doen't show the old message box "Application already running".
* This file "history.txt" was added.


2002-01-18 Version
* Button "Backup now" added. Fixed a access violation in Windows Millenium with the SelectDirectory function.
* Fixed a bug in the installation program when uninstalling the service
* 2002-01-06 Cobian Backup 3.0 released.
* 2001-09-12 CobBackUp released. Some bugs fixed.
* 2001-08-14 CobBackup 2.0 released
* 2000-11-04 CobBackup 1.0 released